Here's what some of Big Cee's customers have to say:

...I have to complement you on the fit and finish of both pieces [headlight guard and shark fin]. Especially the shark fin; I am a hobby machinist...and the machining and finish on the shark fin are exceptional... I am impressed every time I look at it for the machining accuracy and finish quality, especially considering the price.

-Devon Jarvis, New York, NY

Chris, You Rock!!!!!! I just got them [sport side racks] and I love them; God you do awesome work. They fit really good and look way better than any other racks I've seen. They work really well with my BIG Saddlebags and also with my lil saddlebags. Thanks so much for making them for me... You really are the best, I'm 100% happy with everything I ordered from you and hope to have more cool Big Cee stuff on my bike as you make it.

Tammy Redstone, NJ

I ordered the Big Cee Shark Fin and radiator U-bolt upgrade kit. I was pleased with the prompt delivery, protective packing of the parts, and with the way the hardware was separated and organized. The Shark Fin was perfectly machined, and bolted right up without a hitch or glitch. The radiator U-bolts are superior to the stock hardware in that the metal is heavier, and the bolt threads into an actual nut. A little Locite will find all the surface it needs to keep things securely in place, unlike stock which holds the bolt by only one thread. Thanks for great products at a great price!

-Mark St.Hilaire, Sr, Cheshire, MA

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