Rear-Mount Enduro Jug Holder

Dual racks with crossbrace; click on images to enlarge.

These brackets are designed to carry Maier Enduro Jugs off of the rear rack of the KLR. This setup has been run through the toughest dual sport rides, including the Malcom Smith ride and the LA-Barstow-Vegas ride. The crossbrace provides an extra place to lash things, and is also slotted to hold the license plate (hardware included) and prevent crunching by the rear tire. The license plate mounting slots match those on the KLR A-type bracket, so any US or similar plate should fit. NOTE: It may be illegal to relocate your license plate. You may also need to supply illumination for night time riding. Check local laws before moving your license plate.

NOTE: It appears that Maier is discontinuing the enduro jug. Make sure you can still get one before ordering the bracket.

The jug racks also make a convenient place to hook bungee cords.

Full jug rack set with Happy Trails luggage racks.
Red powdercoating was added by customer and is not
available from Big Cee. Photo courtesy Munroe Cooper.
Click to enlarge.

Note that the right jug can trap exhaust heat on the side of the bike, melting the inner fender and reflector, and possibly the jug itself. The jug rack setup has only been fully tested with a Supertrapp race series muffler. With this muffler, the exhaust deflector (Supertrapp part number 405-2120) must be installed to prevent melting of the fender. The stock exhaust has also caused melting problems, and an exhaust deflector must be fabricated or a turndown attached to the exhaust exit. For other exhausts, be sure that the exhaust blows past the right jug and does not impinge on it.

Weight of each bracket is approximately 5 oz. Hardware is stainless steel. Enduro jugs are NOT included, and must be ordered from a Maier distributor; many mail-order catalogs carry them, and your local dealer may be able to order them as well.

NOTE: If you will be running these off-road, I strongly recommend replacing the velcro straps supplied by Maier with 3/4" nylon straps with ladderlock buckles (available at most stores that carry camping goods). The velcro straps hold well at first, but as they get dirty and/or wet, they start to lose their grip and you can lose a jug. Don't ask how I know...

Part# JB-SET, pair of brackets and cross brace