Fuse Box Relocator Bracket

(Completed installation shown. Kit does not include wire, relays, or other parts not listed.)

This bracket fits behind the right-side tank shroud, attaching to two unused M6 threaded holes in the coolant reservoir frame (which also protects the fuse block if the bike is dropped). It is predrilled to accept a Littelfuse fusebox (part #350417), which holds five ATC blade-type fuses. It allows you to replace all of the glass fuses with ATC types, and put them in one place for easier replacement. No longer will you have to remove the sidepanels and seat to access the main and headlight fuses. There are three fasteners holding the shroud on, but I have been able to change fuses by popping the screen out and reaching through the screen hole and behind the shroud. The factory fan fuse is already located in this area. The fuse block holds five fuses, so you will have two extra for accessories.

The bracket is constructed of 1/8" welded aluminum. In addition to mounting a fuse box, it is also useful for mounting relays for the ignition, headlight, or accessories. (There are actually two relays on the bracket in the top photo, mounted back-to-back.) For pictures of wire routing, see the instructions section. The bracket includes stainless steel hardare for mounting to the bike.

Fusebox in installed location; click on images to enlarge.

As an option, I also offer the bracket with the fuse block, flag disconnects, and 3 ATC fuses to get you started.

The FB-2 kit with fuse block, connectors and fuses.


  1. Littelfuse states that the fuse block is for 15A or smaller fuses, but I've run the 20A fuse for the main circuit in mine with no problems so far. Use at your own discretion.
  2. It appears that thermal circuit breakers with long tabs will plug into this fuse block. However, they will sit above the fuse guide tabs, so you will not be able to install the cover with them in place. There may also be clearance problems with the tank/shroud.
  3. Because of its location, this modification probably can not be used with the IMS military fuel tank, as the shrouds are molded in and not removeable.

Part# FB-1, fuse bracket with mounting bolts