I am an aerospace engineer, currently working at the California Institute of Technology. I've been designing and building things for as long as I can remember; my first bicycle, and later my first car became testbeds for creativity and fabrication. As a graduate student at RPI, and then Caltech, I learned to work in a machine shop and design and build components for numerous experiments. When I got involved with the Caltech theatre club, I began building specialized props for their productions, as well as sets. I also built several pieces of furniture for myself to save money.

When I finished graduate school, I bought my KLR650. I wanted a few accessories that were unavailable elsewhere, so back into the shop I went. Knowing that other riders would be interested, I began offering these parts for sale, and Big Cee Engineering was officially born. I continue to take on projects whenever I see the opportunity: Some are practical, some are artsy, most are both. I continue to build furniture less for the savings and more for the experience, and ability to build exactly what I want. While Big Cee Engineering covers the motorcycle parts, Big Cee Studios covers the more artsy items.

I operate BIG CEE as a side business, but I am determined to maintain quality standards equal to or better than any full-time supplier. If I build it, I use it. I will also consider custom work, so please contact me if you have something in mind, or an idea for a new product.

-Chris Krok, proprietor